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Global Water Futures Observatories
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Critical Zone Experimental Laboratory

General Info


CZOEX houses equipment and experimental setups that generated baseline and time-sensitive data to measure the rates and mechanisms of biogeochemical processes, which supports research in the areas of soil science, agricultural management, greenhouse gas exchanges and surface watergroundwater interactions.


University of Waterloo

Facility Lead

Philippe Van Cappellen

Primary Contacts

NameRoleContact Information
Philippe Van CappellenFacility LeadEmail:
Phone: (519) 888-4567 ext. 41320
Marianne VanderGriendtTechnicianE-mail:
Phone: (519) 888-4567 ext. 45180 or lab ext. 31791

Fee for Service

Lab Equipment & Services

RefItemEquipment PurposeUnitInternal Rate *External Rate **Commercial Rate ***
CZOEX-ML-1Flow through reactors of various sizesBiogeochemical kineticsper day/per reactor$25$29$39
CZOEX-ML-2Experimental column systems of various sizesBiogeochemical kineticsper day/per column$35$40$54
CZOEX-ML-3Benchtop peristaltic pumpsper day$12$14$19
CZOEX-ML-4MicroRespTM systemCO2 production rates from soils and waterper day$135$155$209
CZOEX-ML-5Automated Soil CO2 Flux System (LI-COR LI-8100)CO2 concentrations and emission fluxes from soil, water surfaces----
CZOEX-ML-6CO2 and CH4 Infrared Analyzer (LI-COR LI-
CO2 and CH4 concentrations and emission fluxes from soil,
water surfaces
per day$135$155$209
CZOEX-ML-7Freeze-thaw Soil Column SystemCold region soil processesper day per column$35$40$54
CZOEX-ML-8Bioreactors (Applikon Biotechnology)Biogeochemical kineticsper day per column$35$40$54