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Global Water Futures Observatories
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Multi Scale Environmental Particle Analysis Laboratory

General Info


This facility provides baseline and time-sensitive data by imaging and chemical plus mineralogical characterization of particulate samples, including sediments, soils, aerosols and cells that support environmental research activities in water and air quality plus ecosystem analysis.


University of Waterloo

Facility Lead

Philippe Van Cappellen

Primary Contacts

NameRoleContact Information
Philippe Van CappellenFacility LeadEmail:
Phone: (519) 888-4567 ext. 41320
Marianne VanderGriendtPrimary ContactE-mail:
Phone: (519) 888-4567 ext. 45180 or lab ext. 31791

Fee for Service

Lab Equipment & Services

RefItemEquipment PurposeUnitInternal Rate *External Rate **Commercial Rate ***
MEPAL-ML-1Laser direct infrared (LDIR) spectrometer (Agilent 8700 LDIR chemical imaging system)Microplastics quantification and characterizationper sample$300$345$465
MEPAL-ML-2Zeta Potential Analyzer (Malvern Zetasizer Nano Z (ZEN2600))Particle analysis (microplastics, nanoplastics)per sample$85$98$132
MEPAL-ML-3Solid-phase elemental (C, N) analyzer (Elementar vario EL cube)Solid phase analysis (total carbon, total nitrogen, total organic carbon, total organic nitrogen)per sample$60$69$93
MEPAL-ML-4X-ray diffractometer (XRD) (PANanalytical Empyrean II)Solid phase analysis (mineral composition)per sample$250$288$388
MEPAL-ML-5Table-top scanning electron microscope with energy dispersive X-ray spectrometer (SEM- EDS) (Hitachi scanning electron microscope TM-3000 with Bruker QUANTAX 70 Energy Dispersive X-ray Spectrometer)Solid phase analysis (elemental composition, surface
per sample$110$127$171
MEPAL-ML-6Micronising Grinding MillSolid phase analysis (sample preparation)per day$110$127$171
MEPAL-ML-7Stereomicroscope (Leica EZ4 stereomicroscope)Particle, solid phase analysis (microplastics)per day$110$127$171
MEPAL-ML-8Freeze dryer (Labconco FreeZone Freeze Dry System 7753020)Solid phase analysis (sample preparation and preservation)per day$85$98$132
MEPAL-ML-9Microwave digester (Anton Paar Multiwave 3000)Solid phase analysis (used for ttal extraction of elements in soil and sediments using strong acids)per sample$75$86$116
MEPAL-ML-10Titrator (Metrohm 907 Titrando)Particle analysis (particle surface charge properties)per day$200$230$310
MEPAL-ML-11Isothermal Microcalorimeter (TAM Air)Specialized biochemical technique: Measures heat fluxes of chemical reactions (whether microbial, enzymatic or abiotic) at controlled temperatures. Used to measure easily measure reaction rates, and sensitivities of reaction rates to temperature and other variables.per day$250$288$388
MEPAL-ML-12Portable Lab Spectral Induced Polarized (PSIP) Instrument (Ontash & Ermac)Specialized geophysical technique: Measures spectral induced polarization (SIP) response of porous media and materials in porous media (e.g., microbial cells, microplastic particles)per day$300$345$465