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Waterloo Aquatic Threats In Environmental Research Laboratory

General Info


The WATER facility at the University of Waterloo generated baseline and time-sensitive data to simulate and research aquatic stressors and threats so that we are better prepared to prevent current and future problems.

The WATER facility, which is one of the largest aquatic test facilities in Ontario, has the capability of studying a wide range of aquatic organisms, from Canadian cold-water fish to tropical fish and amphibians. The facility is also equipped to trace the multi-generational effects different environmental stresses may have on aquatic life over multiple lifespans.


University of Waterloo

Facility Lead

Philippe Van Cappellen

Primary Contacts

NameRoleContact Information
Philippe Van CappellenFacility LeadEmail:
Phone: (519) 888-4567 ext. 41320
Hadi DhiyebTechnicianE-mail:
Phone: (519) 888-4567 ext 37095

Fee for Service

Lab Equipment & Services

RefItemEquipment PurposeUnitInternal Rate *External Rate **Commercial Rate ***
WATER-ML-1Dosing Containment system (x2)Systems for holding and dosing fishper day$100$115$140
WATER-ML-2Holding tanksFish holding tanksper day$50$58$70
WATER-ML-3Swim tunnel SystemSwim tunnels for fish experimentsper analysis$100$115$140
WATER-ML-4Biosafety Cabinet (x3)BSCs in pathogen challenge room to ensure protection and avoid contaminationper day$50$58$70
WATER-ML-5Refrigerated Cell Culture CentrifugeCentrifuging cell cultureper day$50$58$70
WATER-ML-6Field Respirometry equipmentMeasuring respirometry in fish in the field and lab--
WATER-ML-7Water Depth Logger (x20)Measuring water depth--
WATER-ML-8HOBO Water Level LoggerMeasuring water depth--
WATER-ML-9CastAway LoggerMeasure temperature, salinity and other parameters in water--
WATER-ML-10EXO3 Multiparameter SondeMeasures multiple parameters for water quality--
WATER-ML-11ProSolo ODO/CT KitMeasures DO, conductivity and temperature--
WATER-ML-12YSI DSS MultimeterMeasure for water quality parameters in tanks, etc.--
WATER-ML-13Ford F250 With Cap
(to be purchased in the next year)
WATER-ML-14Ford F150 w/box and trailer hitch
(to be purchased in the next year)
WATER-ML-15Sampling trailers (x2)
(to be purchased in the next year)
WATER-ML-16Benches for sampling trailers (x2)
(to be purchased in the next year)
WATER-ML-17Gas generators (x2)
(to be purchased in the next year)
WATER-ML-18Portable balances (x4)
(to be purchased in the next year)
WATER-ML-19Backpack electrofisher
(to be purchased in the next year)
WATER-ML-20eDNA backpack
(to be purchased in the next year)
WATER-ML-21Outboard engine 115 HP
(to be purchased in the next year)
WATER-ML-22Telemetry SystemFish tracking systems use in the field--
WATER-ML-23Swim Tunnel Temp SystemSwim tunnel system that controls temperature for experimentsper analysis$100$115$140
WATER-ML-24minus 80 Freezer (x3)Storage of RNA/DNA/Tissue samplesper day per box$10$12$14
WATER-ML-25Knife Mill Grindomix GM 300Grinds samples prior to extractionsper day$50$58$70
WATER-ML-26IRGAs for CO2 & MethaneMeasures CO2 and methane concentrationsper day$50$58$70
WATER-ML-26Bead Beater HomogenizerHomogenizes samples prior to extraction for DNA or RNAper day$100$115$140
WATER-ML-28BOD IncubatorIncubator for ELISAsper day$50$58$70
WATER-ML-29Nitrogen Evaporator
(to be purchased in the next year)
per day$50$58$70
WATER-ML-30Auto Liquid handler/ DNA extractorFully automated liquid handler for many different uses such as extraction for specific RNA kits and loading 96 well plates for analysis.per sample$600$690$840
WATER-ML-31Aquatic Habitats (AHAB)AHAB system for holding fishper day$200$230$280
WATER-ML-32Fish exposure systemChilled fish exposure system for static and flow through exposures of small-bodied fish to a variety of contaminantsper day$200$230$280